Art of Faith ep.3 Daoism and Shinto

John McCarthy investigates the art of Daoism and Shinto, visiting the top of Mount Tai in China and the intriguing orange gates littering the hillside in Kyoto, Japan.
John McCarthy examines the art of the religions, journeying across the globe in search of great temples, churches and sacred sites. The three hour-long films, presented and narrated by the broadcaster John McCarthy, visit many of the greatest and most significant religious buildings of the world. Each hour-long episode is a high-definition visual experience. Divine in form, sacred buildings are amongst the most beautiful and enduring achievements of mankind. Art of Faith travels the world to visit the great buildings, exploring how the passions and complexities of religious beliefs have been expressed in architecture.
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Looking back over the last 3000 years the series provides an insight into how we have celebrated faith through art. With contributions from architects, scholars and worshippers the series explains the buildings' genesis, laying down the brush strokes of the sites' design, whilst looking at the shared elements and contrasts between the religions and the aesthetics of the places of worship.