Hidden Traces

New archaeological findings, first hand accounts of the war, experts interviews and CGI and 3D reconstitution intermingle in this investigative series on the look out for hidden traces of the most emblematic episodes of war. Each battle field becomes an open book revealing unexpected elements and details shedding new lights on the conflicts and their context.

Part 1: Hiroshima

Take an in-depth look at the battle for Okinawa and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the eyes of archaeologists and historians. Objects found in excavations of sites in Okinawa and Honshu lead us to understand the lives of soldiers and of the civilians caught up in World War II.

Part 2: WW1

The First World War: soldiers from at least 20 countries were plunged in the hell of trenches… caught under a deluge of bombs. A century later, archaeologists help bring to light the daily life of the soldiers fighting on the French Eastern Front and reveal unexpected aspects of life on the front.

Part 3: Waterloo

Using new archaeological findings, first hand accounts of the battle, expert interviews and CGI and 3D animations this program helps us understand the dynamic elements of strategy and weather that led to Napoleon's historic defeat by the Duke of Wellington on the fields of Waterloo.

Hidden Traces
Hidden Traces