UNEARTHED is a scientific investigation that reveals the hidden secrets of iconic buildings and monuments. We discover their ageless mysteries and the hidden engineering behind their creation: why they were built, how they were constructed, and how these buildings — and their builders — were lost to time.

1. Lost Temple of the Jungle 

New technologies reveal the startling truth behind the largest temple ever built, Angkor Wat; accompany experts as they uncover how this colossal structure was constructed and why one of the largest cities in the world was suddenly abandoned.

2. Curse of the Blood Pyramids

Giant pyramids at a strange site in Mexico are revealing the bloody secrets of a mysterious civilization that vanished 1,400 years ago. Little is know about this lost culture, but new discoveries are uncovering shocking evidence of human sacrifice. This is Teotihuacan, one of the largest cities in the ancient world.

3. Tut's Buried Secrets

Archaeologists exploring the dark secrets of Tutankhamun's tomb find answers to its ancient riddles, showing how his untimely death, his calamitous burial, and an act of God made a minor pharoah the most famous of them all.