The Biblical Plagues

The three-part documentary brings to life a Biblical story that has always struck fear into the hearts of mankind: the story of the Ten Plagues, a catastrophic series of natural and environmental disasters. Using the Scriptures as a historical source, scientists, historians and theologians can now prove that the account of the Plagues was based on actual events. Their trailblazing scientific research yields startling new theories and sheds new light on the Bible.

Part 1: Duel On The Nile

In the first episode, scholars and scientists deal with six disasters that comprised some of the 10 Biblical plagues. Scientists discover deadly microorganisms causing fish to die and stressors upsetting the frog population. Were the plagues due to huge changes in the ecology of the Nile?

Part 2: Darkness Over Egypt

In 2003, a unique find gave new impetus to the investigation into the causes of the Biblical Plagues. Can the plagues be linked to the eruption of a huge volcano at around the same time period, and the subsequent disruption of weather and atmospheric conditions?

Part 3: Flight from Egypt

With a graphic account of the tenth and worst punishment, the chain of Plagues in the Book of Exodus comes to an end. Scientists, archeologists and historians look at contemporary evidence to find some explanations for the final plague and any record of the subsequent migration of the freed people.
The Biblical Plagues
The Biblical Plagues