Archaeology: A Secret History [BBC 3 parts]

Archaeologist Richard Miles presents a series charting the history of the breakthroughs and watersheds in our long quest to understand our ancient past.

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Part 1: In the Beginning

Richard Miles begins by going back 2,000 years to explore how archaeology began by trying to prove a biblical truth - a quest that soon got archaeologists into dangerous water.

Part 2: The Search for Civilisation

Richard Miles shows how discoveries in the 18th and 19th centuries overturned ideas of when and where civilisation began, as empires competed to literally 'own' the past.

Part 3: The Power of the Past

Richard Miles shows how 20th-century attention turned from civilisation and kings to the search for the common man against a background of science and competing political ideologies.

Archaeology: A Secret History [BBC 3 parts]
Archaeology: A Secret History [BBC 3 parts]